LED & Smart Lighting

Upgrading lighting within your property can help you start saving energy and money immediately. LED lights use up to 50% less energy than traditional incandescent or fluorescent lighting, and in addition to the energy saving the LED bulbs last longer than traditional alternatives.

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Both our Interior and exterior LED lighting solutions have a very long life expectancy. LED lighting does not use old fashioned filaments that burns out, meaning you don’t have to worry about replacing and changing the bulbs.

In fact, the lifespan of LED commercial lights is up to twenty times longer than fluorescent or incandescent lighting systems. They average 100,000 hours at full brightness, that’s eleven years, dramatically reducing maintenance costs

Practicality & Design

Our LED lighting solutions come in a wide range of designs and sizes covering all common applications including down lights, panel lights, spot lights, high bay lights and batons, flood exterior LED lighting and wall lights. 

Our LED lighting solutions are extremely versatile, no matter what your lighting requirements we will have an energy saving LED solution that suits your needs.


Electrix Services are accredited by NICEIC, all work carried out is to the highest standard and is fully guaranteed.

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Take advantage of SMART technologies to create the desired atmosphere in your home. 

Effective control of ambient lighting allows clients to transform and improve their living space to reflect a desired mood.

Programmable, wall mounted controllers are available, Control basic day to day lighting scenarios such as dimming and use of scene setting programmes at the touch of a button can be controlled using a tablet or mobile phone.

Take advantage of SMART technologies

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